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Helpful's personalized care plan integrates your loved one's health records, insurance, and caregiving guides into one simple app, reducing the stress of caregiving. Helpful is available for caregivers of VNS Health Medicare, MLTC, and Original Medicare members.

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Free for caregivers whose loved one have Medicare Parts A & B, Medigap and

Meet with our Chief Clinical Officer for a free, personalized care plan

We know caregiving can be challenging, and it’s often difficult to know what to do next. That’s why we’re thrilled to offer you a free, virtual consultation with Kelley, our Chief Clinical Officer and a registered nurse with 20 years of experience. From the comfort of your own home, Kelley will discuss your caregiving needs and provide expert advice to save you time and money. Don’t miss this chance to get the support you need. Schedule your consultation today! Schedule Now for Free Hand holding a heart
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Have a hand in your loved one’s care

Get started with 3 easy steps.

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  • Begin immediately with Helpful

    Start using Helpful immediately without any preliminary information. Discover the full range of services and features available.

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  • Personalize your journey

    Easily link your loved one’s insurance plan to gain insights into their benefits. Helpful supports Medicare A&B, VNS Health, and continuously adds new insurance partners.

    Personalize your journey
  • Connect medical records

    Connect your loved one’s electronic medical records and receive access to medication information and after visit summaries.

    Medical records and after visit summaries

Hear from our caregivers

“Helpful is a very thorough app, and I love that it’s only a click away.”

“The Helpful app is easy to use and has made my caregiving journey so much easier! Thank you!”

“Helpful has definitely made caring for my loved one easier.”

“It’s great to see that Helpful has so much information that helps us navigate through so many issues we go through on a daily basis.”

“Navigating dual eligibility for VNS Health MLTC and Medicare, with overlapping payments for healthcare, can be difficult for patients, especially when they’re first unwell; your app can significantly simplify this.”

“Helpful has been providing me a lot information where I need help with my mom who has dementia.”

Your guide to caregiving

We know you're doing a tremendous job caring for your loved one, and understand your time is limited. Our guides offers trusted content written by seasoned nurses that are concise and easy to understand. Whether this is your first time caring for a loved one or you have been caring for loved ones for years, Helpful is here to guide you on the caregiving journey.

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