Safety and security goes hand in hand with Helpful

HIPAA Compliant

Take comfort in knowing that your data is in good hands. Helpful takes pride in caring for you and your loved one’s information.

Helpful ensures your data is

  • Encrypted

    Encrypted and stored according to industry best practices and in compliance with HIPAA regulations.

  • Personalized

    Our algorithms only use your data to provide a personalized experience within the Helpful app.

  • Never Sold

    Data is never sold to any third-party company.

Helpful values your privacy and data security. We understand the importance of HIPAA compliance and take the necessary steps to ensure that all our practices align with these guidelines. Thank you for being a part of the Helpful community. If you have any questions about or security practices feel free to contact us or check out the FAQ

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Why do you need to connect to my loved one’s medical records?
We do this to gather all your medical information in one place and to make the caregiving process simpler. All information pulled in from your loved one’s medical records is easy to understand and accessible. You can choose the information from your loved one’s medical records to connect to Helpful.
How is Helpful free for me and my loved one?
Helpful is a partner with your loved one’s insurance provider and is a free service through their insurance. Helpful can help you understand the benefits you can receive from your loved one’s insurance provider, along with connecting you to your loved one’s medical records.
How do I get started with Helpful?
Click on the "Get started" button at the top of the page and you can start exploring Helpful right away. You can customize your experience by adding your loved one’s insurance and medical records.
How do I know that my medical records have been connected?
Medical records are connected instantly without needing to manually enter information about your loved one’s doctors. Once connected, you can see appointments, medicine information and appointment summaries from your loved one’s records.
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