Pulmonary Rehabilitation, Phase 3

Phase 3 of pulmonary rehabilitation (rehab) is maintenance rehab and is an optional, voluntary lung maintenance program.

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Pulmonary Rehabilitation, Phase 3


This represents the stage where individuals who have completed the initial rehabilitation (rehab) phases continue to independently maintain and build upon the gains achieved. Unlike Phases 1 and 2, Phase 3 is generally conducted on a more independent basis, with participants incorporating exercise and lifestyle changes into their daily routines.

During Phase 3, your loved one will transition from supervised sessions at a healthcare facility to a more flexible and self-directed exercise regimen. This phase emphasizes long-term adherence to healthy habits, including regular physical activity, proper nutrition, and ongoing self-monitoring of respiratory symptoms.

Your loved one is encouraged to incorporate aerobic exercises, strength training, and flexibility activities into their daily routine, aiming to sustain and further improve their respiratory function and overall well-being.

While Phase 3 is less structured and formalized compared to the earlier phases, your loved one will still have access to resources and support from healthcare professionals on an as-needed basis and may be welcome to return to the outpatient facility for continued supervised exercise with their rehab community.* Regular follow-up assessments and check-ins may be recommended to ensure ongoing progress and address any emerging concerns.

*Oftentimes, those who are participating in pulmonary rehab form a bond, a kind of community, that is very supportive and can continue to be a source of support - and joy - during the maintenance rehab phase. You and your loved one are encouraged to take advantage of it.

The overarching goal of Phase 3 is to empower your loved one to continue leading an active and healthy lifestyle independently, effectively managing their chronic respiratory condition over the long term.

Important note about insurance

Insurance plans cover the costs for Phase 1 and Phase 2 but generally do not cover costs for Phase 3, and any costs associated with ongoing healthcare professional or facility use during maintenance rehab are typically private pay (out-of-pocket).

No content in this app, regardless of date, should ever be used as a substitute for direct medical advice from your doctor or other qualified clinician.

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