How Can Home-Delivered Caregiving Supplies Help Me?

Home-delivered caregiving supplies can be invaluable in helping to balance caregiving responsibilities with other aspects of your life.

Helpful Highlights

  • Home-delivered caregiving supplies can help you save time and effort, plan in advance, and support your loved one in maintaining their independence.

  • Home-delivered medical equipment, supplies, and caregiving products range from the most common, everyday items to the most specialized, complex devices.

  • There are numerous benefits to home-delivered caregiving supplies, including some you may not have thought about.

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Tens of millions of Americans like you take care of a senior loved one on a daily basis. This can be physically and mentally exhausting, leaving little time for yourself.

By opting for home-delivered caregiving supplies, you can not only save time and effort on shopping and stocking - allowing you to catch a break and recharge - but also ensure quality and affordability for the dollars spent.

Additionally, home-delivered caregiving supplies can be particularly beneficial when advance planning is needed, say if you're going to be absent for a time. It may even help your loved one maintain their health and independence within their own home.

Types of home-delivered caregiving supplies

Below are categories and examples of the most common items used by caregivers in the home today. This is not an exhaustive list, by far, but representative of the types of things you can have delivered to your home.


  • Acetaminophen, ibuprofen, naproxen

  • Healing/Soothing topicals for skin

  • Soothing topicals for pain

  • Allergy medications

  • Vitamins and supplements

  • Products for dry mouth

  • Digestive aids and laxatives


  • Gloves

  • Soaps and sanitizers

  • Wipes and alcohol pads

  • Incontinence supplies (pads, briefs)

  • Gauze, bandages, tape, dressings

  • Lotions and skin barrier creams

  • First aid kits


  • Nail care kits

  • Thermometer

  • Pulse oximeter

  • Blood pressure cuff

  • Cane, walker

  • Raised toilet seat, shower chair

  • Compression socks, soft joint braces

  • Reacher and grabber tools

  • Seat cushions

Other categories include nutrition and feeding, rest and comfort, dressing and undressing, fall prevention and home management, therapy and recovery, hearing aids and accessories, and more.

Benefits of home-delivered caregiving supplies

  • Convenience - shop from home on your own time.

  • Customization and curation - tailored products to meet your loved one's needs.

  • Accessibility and availability - some specialized equipment, supplies, or products may not be readily available at local stores but are available through home delivery services.

  • Simplifies decision-making and reduces waste - clear and thorough product descriptions are included, curbing excess buying.

  • Privacy and dignity - the public isn't privy to your purchasing sensitive products.

  • Safety - eliminate carrying and transporting heavy or bulky items from the store.

  • Autoship - many caregiving supplies can be set up for recurring delivery.

  • Cost-effectiveness - often home delivery services offer discounts for bulk purchases, recurring orders, or subscription plans.

  • Professional guidance - many home delivery services offer contact with trained professionals who offer guidance on everything from product selection to usage instructions to other caregiving-related concerns.



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