The Caregiver - Helpful - Home Health Aide Bond

The benefit of introducing Helpful into the home extends beyond family caregiving to enhance the in-home care relationship.

Helpful Highlights

  • Helpful brings value to you, the caregiver.

  • Helpful brings value to your loved one's home health aide.

  • Helpful can spark mutual satisfaction and a strong working bond between you.

Everything you need is all in one place

Helpful app simplifies family caregiving by combining your loved one’s insurance benefits and medical records into one user-friendly platform while enhancing your caregiving skills

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Helpful can strengthen your relationship with your loved one's home health aide and make care delivery better together.

Value to you

You become a more informed caregiver and capable member of the care team, as well as a better partner to your loved one's home health aide.

Sharing and discussion of pertinent clinical information and care topics is encouraged, enhancing your relationship with the home health aide.

By building a stronger, more mutually satisfying relationship with the home health aide, you will be able to tailor home care services to best meet your loved one's needs.

Helpful's content, features, and tools help you identify needs, set goals, and track progress, which can be shared with the home health aide.

Reasonable expectations are set regarding care delivered by the home health aide and you avoid any disillusionment or disappointment.

Value to the home health aide

The home health aide is reassured that what they are communicating with you is heard, understood, and applied accurately in their absence.

Helpful is an additional resource, giving them the means to stay on top of recommended care.

The home health aide shares in identifying needs, setting goals, and tracking progress.

Their credibility is elevated through a shared resource, which builds trust between you and increases satisfaction.

Satisfaction results in decreased turnover among home health aides and your loved one receives consistent quality care.

Better together

The most successful caregiver-home health aide relationships come from a space of frequent, open communication, trust, and respect. It's just as important to get the home health aide's input and perspective as it is to have your own.

When there is a clear understanding of care and a shared resource to promote that care, everyone benefits and bonds are formed. Helpful supports you in fostering good communication, setting expectations and boundaries up front, building trust and respect, staying open to preferences, and becoming partners in care.



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No content in this app, regardless of date, should ever be used as a substitute for direct medical advice from your doctor or other qualified clinician.

About us

Helpful is an app to make caregiving easier. We integrate your loved one’s insurance benefits, medical records and caregiving guides into an immediate, accessible and user-friendly experience. Helpful supports your care needs by eliminating administrative tasks and providing technology to support your caregiving experience.

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