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Quick, no prep-no mess, nutritious meal kit that can be prepared in minutes are a necessity in caring for your loved one.

Everything you need is all in one place

Helpful app simplifies family caregiving by combining your loved one’s insurance benefits and medical records into one user-friendly platform while enhancing your caregiving skills

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How Home Chef works

  1. Pick your meals

  2. Customize them

  3. Use the code HELPFUL20 at checkout to receive 50% off the first 4 boxes - that's up to 20 free meals!

  4. Receive your meal kit

  5. Cook and enjoy

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About Home Chef

Home Chef caters to every lifestyle, palate, and cooking skill level, and brings the goodness of home cooking even when time is tight.

Each week, you and your loved one will select delicious recipes that fit their tastes and dietary restrictions. Make your own choices or try suggestions made by Home Chef. Available selections include carb-conscious, calorie-conscious, gourmet options, oven-ready, and more.

Upon choosing your dishes, you can use the Customize It tool to upgrade, swap, or double your loved one's favorite protein (meats, eggs, tofu) on select recipes.

Your meal kit, containing fresh, pre-portioned ingredients and easy-to-follow recipe cards is delivered right to your door.

Time is precious, but so is nutrition

Especially for older adults. Half of older adults are malnourished, which causes complications such as low immunity (higher risk for infection), slow healing, cognitive problems, generalized weakness, sleep and toileting disturbances, gut upset, dry fragile skin, and increased risk of hospitalization.

We recognize the dedication it takes to care for an aging loved one and the challenges of balancing meal prep with your caregiving responsibilities. That's why we've partnered with Home Chef to offer a practical solution to ensure your family enjoys nutritious, delicious meals without a lot of time and hassle.

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About us

Helpful is an app to make caregiving easier. We integrate your loved one’s insurance benefits, medical records and caregiving guides into an immediate, accessible and user-friendly experience. Helpful supports your care needs by eliminating administrative tasks and providing technology to support your caregiving experience.

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