National Senior Health and Fitness Day

National Senior Health and Fitness Day is celebrated on the last Wednesday of May every year and it's kind of a big deal.

Helpful Highlights

  • National Senior Health & Fitness Day is the nation's largest older adult health promotion event.

  • This is a day dedicated to the betterment of the health of seniors. The common goal is to help seniors stay fit and healthy.

  • Numerous organizations around the country organize events to raise awareness about the importance of eldercare and various approaches to it.

  • Local events are organized at neighborhood parks, gyms, community centers, and other places.

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National Senior Health and Fitness Day is commemorated by the Mature Market Resource Center, a national-level clearinghouse organization for the older adults market, in collaboration with various non-profit organizations and private non-government organizations.

National Senior Health and Fitness Day is the largest health and wellness movement for seniors in the U.S. It is celebrated in over 1,200 locations including senior centers, community centers, hospitals, health clubs, health departments, retirement communities, local parks and recreational facilities, and more.

Local health and senior organizations coordinate, sponsor, and host events like group exercises, walking tours, health fairs, and more, with the assistance of the Mature Market Resource Center team.

The day intends to elevate the exploration of the various options for physical activity available to our seniors and acknowledge the importance of nutrition and exercise in the prevention of illness and slowing of disease progression.

What can I do on this day?

Spend time with your loved one. Take the day to make your loved one feel special and appreciated. Work into the conversation what they're doing to manage a healthy diet and get adequate exercise. Look for areas where you can contribute or make improvements.

Take your loved one to an event. Locate a National Senior Health and Fitness Day event near you and take your loved one to participate.

Host an event. Your event does not have to be registered with the Mature Market Resource Center to promote senior health. Organize your own senior event in your loved one's neighborhood or broader community. Lead a nature walk, outdoor yoga or tai chi, water aerobics, or strengthening class and discuss the significance of good health. Spread the word on social media or local programming.

Volunteer. Volunteer at an organized senior health event. Add to your own well-being by extending help to the seniors in your community.

Prepare for 2025. Local groups interested in hosting an officially recognized National Senior Health and Fitness Day event must register to legally use the event name and logo, which are federal trademarks. Once registered, your organization has access to the special program website with all the materials and resources needed to host a successful event. Visit to register your organization for the event.

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